Coco Ramos

Inner Time, Inner Tempo: Soothing Piano Melodies

This collection of piano melodies is specifically intended for meditation, relaxation, and inspiration. The music uses a free-flowing melodic line, making it the ideal companion for a positive and fulfilling meditation experience. Both the cassette and CD feature four different musical compositions.

This is what a listener of Inner Time, Inner Tempo has to say:
A feast for the spirit! A beautiful lullaby for the inner child in all of us. Certainly, a loving reminder that "...wherever we are, God IS... and all is well!" Thank you Coco, for allowing yourself to be a co-creator with God!”

Reviewer: Sigfredo Acosta-Perez from Rockledge, Florida

Sample the songs here:


Speak to me, Lord

My Spiritual Journey

Thy Will

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